“The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” Playing Tips from TPC Myrtle Beach

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Fresh from Season 2 of “The Charlie Rymer Golf Show” on ESPN2, “The Big Timer” is offering up some playing advice from TPC Myrtle Beach. See what helpful advice he’s got for your game, with an award-winning Waccamaw Golf Trail design as part of the showcase!

Nothing beats golf in Myrtle Beach. I’m showing off and playing some of our best courses, all while giving you some advice for your game. This is Charlie’s Golf Tips.

Charlie Rymer:

This is the 10th hole here at TPC Myrtle Beach. It’s a par four that measures just 360 yards. Now I’m going to go ahead and hit driver, but at 360 yards. I don’t need my big driver and I think a lot of people don’t understand that you can have more than just one swing with your driver. I’ve heard Bubba Watson talk about having 17 different swings with his driver. That’s a little bit extreme, but I have a couple. I’ve got one where I tee the ball up really high. That’s the one that I’m going after. I’m trying to max out the distance. In this particular case, for my normal teeing height, I’m going to take this ball down just a little bit. And the other adjustment that I’m going to make in my swing is I feel like I’m going to make just a little bit shorter swing. Maybe a little bit smoother.

Charlie Rymer:

By teeing it down and going a little bit smoother, I’m going to get a ball flat that’s a little bit lower. For me, it’ll peel a little left or right. Not going to max out the distance, but what I like about it is if I miss it a little bit, it gets on the ground quick. I give up a little bit distance, but the dispersion is just a little bit tighter. Let’s see what we get. Tee down lower. I’m going to think about making a three quarter swing. Keeps it low, right up the left side, cutting a little bit. That’ll do.

Charlie Rymer:

Okay, so here’s the situation, my ball’s in the left side of the fairway. I got 110 yards to the hole. That’s a bad number for me. That’s in between clubs. So I got to either hit a little something or a big something else, but that’s not the way I look at it. You see that flag stick? I can see all of it. That means the wind is going right to left. So what I can do here is I can take the club that goes a little bit farther and try and cut it and hold it up against that wind, that’ll take some yardage off. Or I can take the club that goes a little bit shorter and I can try and hook it and let it ride that wind, and that gives me a little extra distance. In this case, my natural shot’s a cut and I’m going to take one more club. I’m going to try to slice it just a little bit and let that wind hold it up. Damn, I’m good.

Charlie Rymer:

A lot of people struggle with reading greens and here’s why. I’m walking over to this green from the cart. And I’m looking at this green and what I see, my ball’s higher than the hole, guess what? That means I got a downhill put and I’m seeing the green look a little glassy. That tells me the grain is going that way. So most people, when they’re walking up to a green, they’re texting, they’re checking their score, stocks, they’re going blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah with their buddy. If you play golf with your head up and look at the overall terrain and get an idea of what would happen if there was a foot of water on this green, which way would it drain? By the time you get to the putt, I’m going to tell you what folks, I’ve already read this putt. I know what it’s going to do. It’s hard to hold back talent folks.

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